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Maison Breguet is fully committed to environmentally friendly hospitality, in the partnerships we make or simply in the relationship we build with our friends and guests.


We pledge to constantly seek to better the ways in which we impact the planet. Discover all our eco- friendly initiatives :


Petit-déjeuner de 7h à 10h30 – Déjeuner de 12h à 14h30
Brunch le dimanche de 11h à 15h00
Bar de 19h à 1h du matin – Dîner de 19h30 à 22h30
Service en chambre 17h-7h du matin


Si vous effectuez votre réservation dans un délai trop court, merci de nous contacter au : +33 (0)1 43 38 04 31

Spreading Environmental Awareness


  • We strive to communicate our CSR initiatives both internally and with our guests.
  • We invite staff and guests to explore parks and green spaces around the capital.
  • We inform our guests aboult all alternatives to limit car travel in Paris: Public transport network, bicycle rental stations, electric vehicles…
  • We organise regular CRS events to implement and monitor eco- friendly procedures and encourage our team members in adopt an eco-friendly mindset. 

Caring for the environment 


  • We implemented  regular water tracking and low-flow toilets, as well as putting in efficient faucets and showerheads to control the use of water.
  • Instead of wasting precious drinking water on nonpotable applications, we use a rainwater harvesting system to conserve potable water for essential uses.
  • We have  tech systems that help us to conduct paperless check-ins and check-outs, e-signing, and electronic payments.
  • Across all of the hotel, we recycle glass, metal, plastic, card, paper, compost and almost all our waste.
  • We have an energy-saving system that automatically switch off lights and all electric devices when the magnetic key card is removed and the guests leave the room.
  • We measure our  energy and water consumption periodically in order to collect valuable data, improve environmental property management tools and efficiency solutions.
  • We use natural Ozonated water cleaning that is non-corrosive to the environment.
  • In the name of conservation we encourage our guests to forgo a change of towels, washcloths, and bed sheets unless they specifically ask for clean ones or they place dirty towels on the floor.
  • When renovating we focus to use modern, energy saving technology, sustainable building and eco-design materials.
  • All soaps are recycled by UNISOAP, the first French association dedicated to the recycling of used soaps for humanitarian purpose.
  • We signed a partnership with  “Les Alchimistes”, which collects our organic waste and processes it into compost .
  • Our vegan and eco-labelled amenities by Terre de Mars are dedicated to our guests' well-being and underline our sustainability commitment.
  • The waste heat produced by the hotel's air conditioning system and electronic devices is recycled to provide free swimming pool heating. 



  • We strive to buy as much of our fish, meat, cheese and vegetables from local supplies. By procuring locally sourced ingredients, we only support small businesses and farmers in our region but to reduce unnecessary food miles and waste.
  • Our restaurant menus include a section with plant-based options since the start of the new season.
  • We communicate about local ingredients used on our menus.
  • We foster relationships with local and artisanal suppliers to support the health of our local economies.
  • The restaurant’s menu is including more local ingredients which also opens up opportunities for more local produce.



We are proud to announce that we have recently applied for  'Green Key label '. This certification guarantees a commitment to continued improvement of environmental standards.