The friends of la maison

Maison Bréguet 8 rue Bréguet75011 Paris Hotel: +33 (0) 1 58 30 32 31

Our friends come and go at our House. Friends of Maison Breguet will give you the keys to the Paris that they love, whilst sharing their best picks of the moment.

Various artists, musicians and writers decorated the hotel’s walls, created playlists, chose books, proposed movies for guests and just like a cherry on the cake, sometimes they stay in the evening, giving an impromptu concert, reading or set. They’re a group of great friends, happy-go-lucky and loyal, and we’re always glad to see them, day or night.

Decorations JUAN ALVAREZ

He began working with the founders of Sagrada, David d’Almada and Richard Sauders, in their London studio seven years ago. When they visited the Norman in Tel Aviv and the London Arts Club, the owners of Maison Breguet decided he was the one for their hotel. There is marble is all the bathrooms, but it is Carrare marble, cut into a herringbone pattern. Part of the decorator’s DNA also includes surprises, humour and colours. Old maps of Paris are hidden in some of the ceilings. “We really want our guests to feel at home here,” concludes Juan.

Our library AUDE WALKER

Aude Walker wrote two novels, “Saloon” (Denoël, 2008) and “Un Homme Jetable” (Editions du Moteur, 2012). She is the editor of Sylist magazine. Novels with great plots, brief texts, essays, books for children, comic books, she has imagined an ideal library for the Maison. Her 30 books to read in a hotel room.


The cinema specialist for Les Inrocks and Marie-Claire, a journalist for the Le Cercle show on Canal +, she has selected 50 movies especially for Maison Breguet for those mornings where you don’t want to get out of bed...


Respectively Vice-President and Creative Director at BETC, Fabrice Brovelli and Christophe Caurret are crazy about music. They’re the ones who imagined Evian’s soundtracks with its babies, Air France ads and Lacoste’s “Great Leap.” They also manage famous artists such as Agoria, Yuksek, the Naive New Beaters and The Shoes. For Maison Breguet, they found Parisian and international musical gems that guests can sing along to each time they come, find playlists accessible in their smartphones or in their rooms with our cultural guide.


Born in Paris and a true Parisian, Charlotte Balme created the Yvonne Yvonne leather goods brand in 2010. She has imagined a selection of products for Parisian and our guests. In her boutique we can find Sloan pyjamas, soft and impossible to find in France, jewellery made by Camille Demoustier, romantic undergarments made by Henriette H, sake made by Phoenix Group, ceramics made by the potter, Marion Graux, special items sold at Design & Nature, Lours sweatshirts for cool children, tee-shirts for travellers by My Travel Dreams.


After having worked in journalism for 10 years, Marie launched her MyTravelDreams site and toured the world with her two children to track down good addresses throughout the world that she generously shares with her followers. Wild, authentic destinations, without any window dressing. She also advises many brands for traveling and life style with the MyDigitalDreams agency.